Winter on Long Island

Winter on Long Island holds many treasures for those who just take the time to hop in their car and explore. However, Long Island can get very cold in the winter. But, when you are warm and comfortable in your vehicle of choice, driving through its scenic landscapes is a great way to past the time. The harbor villages of Port Jefferson, Stony brook Village and Greenport, offer many enjoyable shops to visit and warm and cozy Cafés to kill the chill.

Check out the various museums that dot the Central and Eastern Long Island landscape for a great way to pass the time when it’s cold outside. If you are not averse to chilling out then there are plenty of parks to stake a leisurely stroll in the cold while taking in views that will be treasured until spring thaw.

Consider taking your favorite someone on an exploration to see what surprises wait for you on Long Island in Wintertime.